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What is Project HopeTM?

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  • Project HopeTM is the vending outreach program of Child Search® Ministries.
  • If you own bulk vending equipment, pay telephones, amusement machines, or even full size vending equipment, you may be a successful candidate for Project HopeTM Vending Outreach Program.
  • Through Project HopeTM vendors of all faiths form a partnership with Child Search® Ministries—a Christian ministry—to help raise funds while raising public awareness.
  • Many parents still do not know where to turn for help when their child becomes missing. The vending label is a Public Service Announcement for these parents.
  • Project HopeTM is a vital source of income for Child Search® Ministries; so we do our best to provide vendors all they need, in support supplies and vending tips.
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  • Project HopeTM is a money maker for vendors! When you support Child Search® and show that support by displaying our label on your machine, many businesses will give you the opportunity to place your machine in their business. Often, because of the support to Child Search®,some businesses waive the commission that is sometimes negotiated for the access to premium locations.
  • Its a WIN/WIN arrangement! You win by saving money while giving money to help children. The business owners win (where you place your machines) because their customers know they care about children. Their customers win because they get information; and Child Search® wins and our kids win because of the increased funding.
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  • Support Supplies! You can show your support for Missing and Exploited children and spread the word about Child Search® Ministries. With t-shirts, golf shirts, hats, & bumper stickers you can show your support every time you service your machines! In addition to these items, we have a full array of support supplies for Project HopeTM members in good standing under a special availability program. Call us now to obtain information on how you can become a member of the Project HopeTM vending outreach program.

These are just a few of the inserts your may receive with your New Vendors' Packet. Some of the inserts are a great way to help show business owners the type of organization Child Search® is; other inserts contain valuable information that can help a new vendor succeed.

Child Search Article Mix

See a sample page of the available label styles.

Child Search® Ministries is a Christian ministry lifting up the Lord Jesus Christ as the answer to all the challenges of life. Remember that Jesus is the Lord of Lords & King of Kings. May the Lord bless & keep you and yours.

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